A few words from the Legal Grow Team


To all our Customers, Loyal Supporters, and Legal Grow Family.

We thank you for your patience and ongoing support during these devastating times and truly hope that you are healthy and well. 

The Legal Grow Team would like to announce that we have acquired an Essential Service Certificate and will be reverting back to taking orders as of Monday 4 May 2020.

We are proud to have been a part of the businesses that had to temporarily close due to the COVID-19 virus. Now, we are elevated to be part of re-energising our economy and look forward to once again providing you with the best service and products!

Our operating procedures have been structured to ensure limited contact and distancing during delivery. Face masks, gloves and sanitisers have been issued to all in-house and delivery staff. 

We cannot wait to get back into the swing of things and look forward to blooming our community once again! 


Legal Grow Team



Low Stock at Legal Grow ZA as a result?

Correct. The Coronavirus has had a drastic impact on stock. Majority of our products are manufactured abroad. With that being said and the current pandemic, we cannot replace stock that is sold. This means that we can only sell what we have in stock at the moment. Low stock eventually results in products being “Sold Out”

Ethically speaking we do not want to even think about restocking and bringing in products that could be potentially infected or dealt with by an infected person. Legal Grow ZA is doing everything that we can to preserve current stock. This means that we cannot run specials, giveaways, or bulk sales.

Please contact the Legal Grow Team for more Info: Contact

What is Legal Grow doing to co-operate? 

Preventative measures

  1. No Contact delivery

When our Couriers arrive at your delivery address, they have been instructed to ring the bell/knock on the door and stand back at a safe distance (2metres). The Courier will place the item at your door and wait for you to answer.

The Courier will present you with a scanner/handheld device to sign on, which will be sanitised before requesting you to sign.

There is also an option for you not to touch the scanner, whereby the courier will leave the parcel in a Safe Place on your instruction. This will require that the courier photograph you and the parcel at the instructed Safe Place.

2. Hygiene

All Couriers vehicles are in the process of undergoing a “Deep clean”.

Couriers have been instructed to sanitise all touchpoints in the vehicles frequently.

All Couriers will be carrying sanitisers and wipes to frequently sanitise their hands and scanners.

All couriers and depot staff have been educated in respect of the Coronavirus, the symptoms, how it spreads and prevention.

They have also received training on how to minimise the risk of infection to themselves and our customers.

Couriers have been issued with latex gloves and masks for utilization in the delivery process.

3. Our Depots

Sanitisers have been made available at all access and entrance points, all individuals entering and or exiting our facilities are required to sanitise their hands.

All depots are undergoing “Deep cleaning”.

Access into and out of our depots has been limited and all visitations are on agreed appointment basis only.

4. How can you help?

Please remember to wash your hands regularly before and after receiving a delivery or handing over a Pickup.

Please avoid direct contact with the Couriers such as handshakes.

Our country is resilient by nature and by supporting one another we could emerge from this as a Nation more united and strengthened than ever before.

The above is sent to us via Fastway Couriers. Our Trusty Courier company that gets all the parcels to you on time. Due to the nature of our business (E-commerce based) we do not have a walk in grow store. However, we have strict procedures in place following cleanliness regulations which include; min staff handling, hand cleaning and sanitisation, no touching or being around the products which are kept in a locked room. The only time a product is handled is when we get it packaged for you. This is when we take extra precautions to not spread any germs whatsoever.
Stay Clean, Stay at home if you can, as always – STAY BLESSED!

Legal Grow Te