Hydrodepot 600W SE CMH Horticulture Lamp 3000 Kelvin


600W SE CMH Horticulture Lamp

This absolute masterpiece of a 600w SE CMH Horticulture Lamp is designed specifically for plant growth. It will give your plants a very high level of photosynthetic radiation paired with a perfect 3k spectrum to promote healthy plant growth and fruiting. This single-ended CMH bulb is to be used with our 600w CMH Ballasts.

This horticulture bulb blasts! Some say that CMH is the king of HID horticulture lighting!


  • Provides a more “perfect” spectrum and a more reasonable ratio of red and blue light.
  • Deliver an optimised spectrum and high level of PAR for your plants.
  • Single-Ended (can be used with our cool tubes and reflectors.
  • Specifically designed for our 600W CMH Ballast.
  • Quartz glass jacket.
  • PAR > 1200uMol
  • 600W CMH SE
  • 3000 Kelvin
  • Top-quality. South Africa Only.

Delivery Nationwide!


600W SE CMH Horticulture Lamp 3K


These are Low Frequency 600 watt single-ended ceramic metal halide horticulture lamps that can only be run off a 600W CMH Magnetic ballast. 

These are high-quality digital grow lamps that provide plants with a 3000 Kelvin spectrum.

600W SE CMH Horticulture


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