Bubble Bag Kit 5x Bags – 5 Gallons + FREE DELIVERY


Bubble Bag Kit 5x Bags – 19L (5 Gallons)

This is the ultimate bubble bag kit! This is a 5 bag kit, which will help ensure your top-grade resin is cleaner than ever!

  1. Blue: 5 gallon 220-micron work bag.
  2. Red: 5 gallon 160-micron contaminant removal bag.
  3. Orange: 5 gallon 120-micron resin collection bag.
  4. Yellow: 5 gallon 73-micron resin collection bag.
  5. Purple: 5 gallon 25-micron resin collection bag.
  • 1 x Blotting Screen.
  • 1 x Storage Pouch for your Bubble Bags.

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Bubble Bag Kit 5x Bags – 19L (5 Gallons)

The Bubble Bag Kit 5x Bags is what we call the ultimate solventless extraction kit. Boasting 5x High-quality, affordable mesh screen bags to extract your resins.

This kit can process a maximum of 200 grams (dry weight) of plant material at a time. You can certainly look at fresh frozen material too!

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Please remove all sticks, stems, seeds, or any SHARP matter before extracting. 

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