Buddi Spray – Spidermites 250ml/500ml


Buddi Spray – Spidermites

Buddi Spray – Spidermites now available at Legal Grow ZA!

Buddi Sprays were developed out of a passion for gardening and a lack of readily available organic and non-toxic pest control options.
By enthusiastic growers who had tried for years to find the perfect solutions for pest management on soft-stemmed plants such as cannabis. The guys at Buddy eventually saw an opportunity to share their solution; a gentle dosage of organically grown cold-pressed essential aromatherapy oils and vegan non-toxic soap combined to meet the very specific needs of dealing with cannabis pests.

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Buddi Spray – Spidermites

Buddi Spray – Spidermites, how to use?

Spray “buddi” to the underside of the leaves & stems of your plants shortly before your lighting cycle goes off (do not spray onto the light/ bulb).

For outdoor plants; apply “buddi” in the early evenings.

Consistent management is essential to prevent their return or manage their lifecycle.

Resolve your Spidermite problem during plant vegetation.

Spidermites reproduce in thousands every few days.

Regularly check the underside of your plants’ leaves with a microscope for tiny eggs, or notice white spots on the leaves.

Visible silk threads are also signs of infestation; a large silk web covering your plant is severe & may result in plant death & crop loss.

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