Carbon Filter 4 Inch – 8 Inch (100mm – 200mm) Intense Odour-Control


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Carbon Filter 4 Inch – 8 Inch (100mm – 200mm)

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These Carbon Filters come in many various sizes for your needs! They are made out of superior quality Virgin Australian activated charcoal. This tech captures up to three times more air contaminant without blocking airflow. Unlike your regular carbon filters, these air filters help get rid of the most pungent odours from your indoor grow tent. They can be used as an intake or exhaust filter.

Package includes:

  • Includes Changeable Pre-filter.
  • 2x Carbon Filter Belts.
  • Manual
  • A large variety of sizes available.




Carbon Filter 4 Inch – 8 Inch (100mm – 200mm):

Carbon filters are simply air purifiers that help rid of odours. In other words, these air filters help get rid of dodgy scent in the air. Furthermore, they help ensure that your air is fresh and clean. With that being said, be a good neighbour and get yourself one!

How does a carbon filter work?

Carbon odour filters are large, heavy-duty tubes filled with carbon. To understand better which choice to make, look for the CFM – cubic feet per minute value of our exhaust fans and use a filter with an equal or lower CFM value than that of your fan.

How do you use a carbon air filter?

Attach the back of the odour filter to the air ducts. Also, you will need to attach it to a strong inline fan.
Do not use these odour filters with a weak inline fan.

recommended fans below

In conclusion, carbon odour filters help give you fresh, clean air, that doesn’t reek of dank scent outside your grow space. Get yours now while stocks last! You do not want to miss out on these deals!

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2 reviews for Carbon Filter 4 Inch – 8 Inch (100mm – 200mm) Intense Odour-Control

  1. Phrastus420 (verified owner)

    Great filter for air scrubbing and odour control. Remember to order an extra pair of rope ratchets if you planning on mounting the filter in the roof of your tent.

  2. Greg Parsley (verified owner)

    Fantastic service and quick delivery , this product is easy to use and does a fantastic job at removing all pungent smells.

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