Dual Head LED Grow Light


Dual Head LED Grow Light

These Dual Head LED Grow Lights are full spectrum, which provides plants with everything they need in terms of the light spectrum for vegetative and flowering stages. They work incredible for seedlings and one plant micro set-ups as well as a supplementary light and lighting for a clone dome. Clip them onto the side of your pot/tent with the built-in grip-clip mechanism or just have them next to your plant! They are easy to use and fully adjustable with a 360-degree neck that can be directed in any direction toward your plant. This technology provides a built-in timer which can be set to 3/6/9/12/15 hours on/off and dimmable switches for your different spectrums and light intensity when needed.

Energy Saving: Lower heat and lower power consumption, high luminous efficiency.

AWESOME FOR LOADSHEDDING IN SOUTH AFRICA! (Make sure your power bank or laptop is charged)



Dual Head LED Grow Light:

  • Light Source: LED
  • LED Quantity: 36pcs (24 Red +12 Blue)
  • Holder Diameter: 90mm
  • 2 Pin connector
  • USB connector
  • Tube Length: 400mm
  • power cord 2m

Legal Grow Bro’s Recommended Uses:

  • Micro Grows
  • Supplementary lighting
  • Load Shedding Grow Light South Africa – Hook the USB Cable to any Laptop, Powerbank, etc 
  • Clones
  • Solo cup grows
  • One plant micro Autoflowers
  • Bonsai grow light
  • usb grow light

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Timer modes 3/9/12 on/off
Veg/Bloom/ Full Spectrum modes
Adjustable (360 degrees)
Grip Clip


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