Duct Tape 75mm x 30m


Duct Tape Silver 75mm x 30m

This is strong, sturdy, durable duct tape.
Made from high-quality PVC. Its strong adhesiveness is generally paired along with air ducting to ensure that you do not have air leaks and are getting the maximum out of your ventilation system.
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Duct Tape Silver 75mm x 30m

Dimensions: 7.5cm x 30m

Description: Duct tape is commonly used in situations that require a strong, flexible, and very sticky tape. This product has a durable adhesive coating and is resistant to weathering.

What to expect from duct tape?


You will notice that the tape is not like any ordinary tape from your local hardware. It is the exact same colour as ducting and has a more strong feel and look. It is made for ducting and certainly does the best job to keep things air tight.  This is stuck onto an easy to use material that makes hooking up your air ducting extremely easy.

Duct tape uses? 

There is a saying that hits the nail on the head. “Duct tape has 1001 uses”. This tape is considered by many as the “ultimate material.” This sticky and versatile adhesive is useful in everything from making covering heating and cooling ducts to removing warts! We do not recommend using our tape other than for grow tent purposes though.

How to use duct tape in a grow tent or grow room?

This product should only used to connect ducting to your fans, carbon filters etc…  Please do not use the ducting to hang your lights and fans. Instead, we recommend rope ratchet hangers for that particular job. This product will ensure that no air escapes from your ducting and that your CFM is on point. You want to make sure that all of your air vents are working correctly in conjunction with your fans. unseen air that escapes can really affect the true potential of your intake and outtake fans. We highly recommend this product if you are having air or light leaks in your ducting.



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