Greenie Grow Tent Kit (80x80x100) On Special


Greenie Grow Tent Kit Bundle

The affordable small-setup LED Grow Tent Kit Bundle. Newly introduced and on special! (Limited time only).

  • Powerful Full-Spectrum Samsung LM301B 110W COB LED Grow Light.
  • Durable Grow Tent including; Steel Poles, Steel Connectors, Manual, Heavy Duty Zips and more.
  • 6in Clip Fan which can oscillate.
  • Strong grow light hangers.
  • NEW HTC-2 Hygrothermometer + Probe.
  • Optional Ventilation including; carbon filter, a silent series fan, ducting + clamps.

Grow LIght Warranty Included.

We have an optional extra for a Carbon Filter + Ducting & Clamps + Silent Series Extractor Fan at a DISCOUNTED PRICE!

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Greenie Grow Tent Kit On Special (80x80x100) Includes:

  • 80x80x100 Grow Tent. 
  • 110W Samsung LM301B Grow Light (Hydrodepot).
  • 6 Inch Grip Clip Fan. 
  • HTC-2 Digital Hygrometer Thermometer + Probe.

Kindly contact us before purchasing so that we can make sure all the products are in stock. Thank you!

Does this Greenie grow tent combo need any add ons? 

We believe in saving some money when you can when starting out. With that being said, a carbon filter does not need to be purchased right now. If you are odour cautious, you will most certainly need to add in a carbon filter as soon as you go into flower (12/12 light cycle), or when your plants start producing strong odours or buds.

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Who is this Greenie Grow Tent Kit Bundle for? 

Practically anyone in South Africa over the age of 18 with a private dwelling. This 80x80x100 grow tent kit bundle is designed for individuals personal home growers who want to have the benefits of indoor growing.

What kind of yields can I expect from this 80x80x100 grow tent kit setup? 

With the given light fixture and area, you can expect to Yield up to 2.5g per watt, however, this is not an average figure for first time indoor growers. (Yield will also depend upon many other factors) The most the Legal Grow Bros have harvested off this exact setup was 244g off 2 plants.

We offer support throughout your growing journey. 

Need to chat to someone about equipment or the processes of growing your own? We offer 7-Day-A-Week support for all clients, simply add us on WhatsApp, Instagram or send us an email.

One of our friendly Legal Grow staff will help you any step of the way!

JUDGMENT FREE ZONE! We welcome all growers in South Africa, no matter what you’re growing or your experience level. We are simply here to help you.

Every adult should have the opportunity to an affordable grow tent kit in South Africa. 

Growing your own doesn’t have to be expensive. Equipment can be daunting for the first time indoor grower, whether it be the high costs involved or the amount of equipment.

This Greenie grow tent combo is for the “Conservative” indoor grower and will certainly provide you with an incredible environment for your plants.

Optional Ventilation

To save you money, we have kept ventilation as an additional option.

This affordable grow tent kit offers optional grow tent ventilation, which includes a carbon filter, a silent extractor fan, and ducting.

We have offered optional ventilation because budget growers will not necessarily need it in the beginning stages of a plant life cycle. Many plants require a warmer and humid environment at the start of their life.

The ultimate 110w led grow tent kit!

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