Grip Clip Fans (6 Inch) Oscillating


6 Inch Grip Clip Fan

Important Notice: Please Consider running 2x fans 12hours on and 12hours off for each fan to get your 24hour total. DO NOT run these fans for more than 12hours at a time.

  • Oscillation mode.
  • 2-speed control.
  • Pole grip feature.
  • Power Cord.
  • Diameter: 160mm.
  • Spring-loaded clip.
  • Small, convenient, easy to clean.
  • South African Standard Plug.


Grip Clip Fans:

These conveniently designed mini 6-inch fans have a special tech. As a result, they allow you to clip and grip them onto virtually anything. But, the best part about this design is that they are made to grip and clip onto grow tent poles. We searched and searched for these fans and they were tough to find. Eventually, we found them and we had to stock them!

Our Grip Clip Fans are for sale in South Africa and they sell out fast! Get yours now while stocks last!

why use our 6 Inch fans?

These grow tent poll grip fans powerfully move air so that your plant’s leaves can properly transpire. They also help eliminate the growth of fungal infections and rot. Above all, high CFM helps strengthen the stalks. Moving the air and creating a current of air helps this process. Plants need to gently get rid of water vapour, so fans should never be aimed straight at the plants. Rather, it is better to place the fans so that they face upwards. It is also a good idea to place several fans in the growing space to make sure there is full scope. Awesome multiple clip grip capabilities.

Fresh air should enter the grow space. Flush out the ‘old’ air and exchange it with ‘new’ clean air.


The clip grip oscillating fans need some additional care to prolong their life: 


1) Clean the fan at least once a week with a cloth and vacuum if possible.

2) Do Not run the fan for 24 hours a day.

3) Do not constrict the movement of the fan.

4) when the fan over-heats it can blow (like many other motors)

5) We do not cover any damages on this product.

We highly suggest having two fans, running them on hourly cycles and swopping them out regularly.


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Additional information

Delivery and Stock

All of our stock for sale on this website is held in South Africa.
We do deliveries Nationwide.
We do not sell to any other countries other than South Africa
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