Inline Duct Booster Fan 4 Inch – 8 Inch (100mm – 200mm)


Inline Duct Booster Fan (4 Inch – 8 Inch)

These Inline Booster Fans are designed to assist in exhaust and intake through air ducting in conjunction with a powerful Inline fan. This product does not replace ventilation systems, it simply aids in the ventilation process. Although, many people still use them in smaller tents! We have gone the extra step to ensure that these have long enough power cords and the correct plugs for South African housing sockets. These inline fans are made out of very strong and durable galvanized steel.



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Inline Duct Booster Fan (4 Inch – 8 Inch):

These duct booster fans easily install, as well as, fit perfectly into our air ducting.
Also, they are made out of a strong duty galvanized steel housing. Furthermore, these can withstand temps up to 130c.

How do they work?
They help draw air in or out of your ducting. These booster fans are used alongside powerful inline fans that don’t have enough CFM. Draw additional air through long ducting, or just simply aid your ventilation system with these booster fans! They are also great for small micro setups or closets! Fresh air should enter the grow space. Flush out the ‘old’ air and exchange it with ‘new’ clean air.

What is CFM?
CFM stands for cubic feet per minute (it is also referred to as airflow). Put simply, CFM is how much air a fan moves. 


CFM on our Legal Grow South Africa booster fans:

  • 4-inch Inline Booster Fan: 100 CFM
  • 6-inch Inline Duct Booster Fan: 240 CFM
  • 8-inch Inline Booster Fan: 410 CFM

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