Inline Fan Extractor HZ-Series 2-Speed (4 Inch – 8 Inch)


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Silent Series Fan Inline (4 Inch – 8 Inch) (100mm- 200mm) 2 Speed

Proper ventilation is crucial in an indoor growing environment. These powerful inline fans can be used to intake or extract air at a rapid and sturdy rate. The HZ Silent Series includes built-in 2-speed adjustable motors that are strong enough to run with carbon filters. This inline fan is designed to be run with air ducting and help ensure your ventilation is on point.

  • Standard with a South African 2-pin plug and power cable




Inline Fan Silent & Powerful 2-Speed (4 Inch – 8 Inch)

  • ABS Plastic with high strength to make casing and blades.
  • Mid-piece is detachable, easy to maintain and clear up.
  • 2-speed, adjustable motors with long-life ball bearings and IP44 protection.
  • Ambient temperature -10~+60ºC

What is CFM?

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute (it is also referred to as airflow). Put simply, CFM is how much air a fan moves.

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How to use these Inline extractor fans?

Connect to our air ducting according to the size you buy. Let heat escape from your grow space or draw in the fresh air. The HZ Silent Series Fan is Strong enough to run with our carbon filters. Set your fan to your desired speed according to how strong your CFM needs to be. This Fan comes with the correct power cord for us South Africans.

With the above said, It is very important to ensure that your air movement is on point. Stale, stagnant air is generally a thriving haven for pests. Furthermore, stale and stagnant air is not healthy for your plants. They need fresh, clean air that promotes those comfortable temperatures to have an optimal metabolic rate. Especially during veg!

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1 review for Inline Fan Extractor HZ-Series 2-Speed (4 Inch – 8 Inch)

  1. Jaques Meyer (verified owner)

    Awesome product, looks tough and durable, would definitely recommend, this bad boy pulls air faster than a jet engine. WITHOUT THE SOUND. Would definitely recommend 👌

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