Master Grower Tent Kit (240x120x200)


Master Grower Tent Kit

The big daddy kit! No playing games when it comes to this masterpiece of a setup. Be prepared to be blown away!

Lights Include Warranties. 

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Master Grower Tent Kit (240x120x200) Includes:

  • 240x120x200 Grow Tent. 
  • 2x 600W Samsung LM301B Grow Light + Built-in Dimmer unit (Hydrodepot)
  • 2x 6 Inch Silent Series Extractor Fan.
  • 2x 6 Inch Grip Clip Fan. 
  • 2x sets of rope ratchet hangers (4 x heavy duty rope ratchets)
  • 6 Inch x 20 Inch Carbon Filter.
  • HTC-2 Digital Hygrometer Thermometer + Probe.

Not necessarily, the Master Grower Tent Kit has everything you need in terms of grow tent equipment, however, we highly recommend looking at the following if you don’t have these items already:

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Who is this Master GrowerTent Kit Bundle for? 

Practically anyone in South Africa over the age of 18 with a private dwelling. This grow tent kit bundle is designed for dual personal home growers who want to have the benefits of indoor growing.

This grow tent kit uses some of the best technology that Legal Grow has to offer.  With that being said, if you want the best of the best in terms of lighting and space, go for this!

What kind of yields can I expect from this New School grow tent kit setup? 

With the given light fixture and area, you can expect to Yield up to 2.5g per watt, however, this is not an average figure for first time indoor growers. (Yield will also depend upon many other factors)

The most a Legal Grower has harvested off this setup was just shy of 2.5kg, dry.

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