Samsung LM301B Grow Light 220W LED (Hydrodepot)


Samsung LM301B Grow Light 220W LED


The Samsung LM301B Grow Light 220W LED Grow Light by Hydrodepot uses the highest quality materials:  Samsung LM301B Diodes: a trusted brand which has a mix of 3000K and 5000K white diodes, with additional 660 nm deep red and 760 nm IR diodes. This will boost a plant from seedling to harvest as it is Full-Spectrum. Meanwell Drivers: a trusted brand that delivers the best when it comes to QB LED Technology. This extremely powerful grow light offers some of the highest-rated PAR that we have in our Grow Store @ 2.7 umol/J, only consuming 239.6 watts with a max footprint of 120cm x 90cm.


  • Samsung LM301B Diodes @576pcs: Deep Red: 660nm @28pcs, IR740nm: @2pcs.
  • Meanwell Driver: Top of the range quality XLG-240-H-A
  • Sunlight Spectrum: Blue, White, Red and IR (660-665nm,3000K,5000K and IR 760nm)
  • Coverage: Up to 120cm x 120cm.
  • Low Electricity and Efficient: +-239.6W @2.7 umol/J.
  • Foolproof Design: No Fan, means ZERO noise. A large solid aluminium heat sink, high-quality protective covers for cables, waterproof LED.
  • Dimming Function: Bottom of the driver.
  • Plug and Play.
  • Made for South African Wall Sockets: Correct Plug and Drivers.
  • Includes Warranties! See Below


  • PPF: 1168/umol/m2s at 40cm
  • Full Spectrum: 660-665nm,3000K,5000K, IR 760nm.
  • Lumen: 34460Lm±5%@AC240V
  • Power Draw: 239.6W±5%@AC240V 
  • Input: 2.7A
  • Optimal Coverage: Veg: 90cm x 90cm, Bloom: 120cm x 60cm 
  • Light Size:648*268*59MM
  • Diodes: Samsung LM301B
  • Driver: XLG-240-H-A
  • Max yield: 2.5g/W
  • Noise: 0dB
  • Frequency: 50-60HZ
  • Waterproof Driver: IP67


  • 1 Year Repair at Cost
  • 6 Month Free Repair
  • 1 Month Exchange


FREE Delivery Nationwide!  


Samsung LM301B Grow Light 220W LED (Hydrodepot)

This 220W LED Grow Light utilizes the latest Samsung LM301B diodes and an XLG-240-H-A Meanwell driver which makes it one of the most trusted grow lights on the market. Perfect to take plants from seedling all the way to harvest with some of the best PAR per watt the market has to offer. This light is made for South Africans. The correct plugs and drivers suited to our wall sockets.

What can you expect from our Samsung LM301B Grow Light 220W LED (Made for South Africa)?

  1.  Samsung LM301B Grow Light 220W LED by Hydrodepot provides a complete and even corner-to-corner coverage for industry-standard growing. It is best used for areas that require a high consistent coverage of PPFD.
  2. High-quality Samsung Diodes that ensure top of the range quality light output.
  3. Up to 3x increase in lighting efficiency/photosynthetic photons efficacy over HPS lighting at the same cost.
  4. Light penetrates all the way through your canopy, targeting lower leaves, too.
  5. High-intensity light without leaf burn or hot spots.
  6. No glass design gets up to 8% more light to the canopy.
  7. Thermal management with no noise, no fans, and extended-spectrum stability technology.
  8. New and improved custom driver design for increased lifespan.
  9. Waterproof quality reputable driver and board.
  10. Fast return on your investment due to high yield per watt.

Why use us?

Our Samsung LM301B Grow Light 220W LED by Hydrodepot is made for South Africa! They include warranties to cover your purchase. All drivers, plugs, and units are specifically and carefully chosen for South Africa. We pride ourselves on delivering the best support regarding Grow Stores within South Africa. Legal Grow has your grow covered from seedling to harvest and we are here to support you every step of the way! We support hundreds of growers all across South Africa and get nothing but incredible feedback!

Real Samsung LM301B Diodes (Free Repair 6 Months, 1 Year Repair at cost)

samsung lm301b Grow Light


Recommendations are for a 60cmx120cm Grow Tent (1 Per Tent)

At 30CM the 220W Produces 1627/umol/m2s (This is far too close)

At 40CM the 220W Produces 1168/umol/m2s (Perfect for flower)

At 45CM the 220W Produces 974/umol/m2s (Perfect for Mid-Late Veg)


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