Seed Starter Heat Mat 52cm x 24cm


Seed Starter Heat Mat

Made for seed germination, reptiles and brewing.

This thick multi-layered seed starter heat mat Increased germination success for healthier starts. This heating pad warms the root area 10-20 degrees celcius above room temperature. which increases the success rate of seedlings and cuttings. This heating mat is also Ideal in home brewing for maintaining desired fermentation temperature.
The Seed Heat Mat can also work to control temperature in reptile terrariums.

Don’t forget to pair this up with a Heat Mat Thermostat

Material: PVC
Colour: Black
Rated Power: 18 W
Rated Voltage: 110V – 220V
Plug: Standard 2-pin plug.
Thickness: 2-3 mm(appr.)
Cable Length: 180 cm'(appr.)
Size: (L)x(W)52 X 24 cm

Instructions for Use:
Place heat mat on solid, well drained surface. Do not allow to sit in standing water.
Plug heat mat into 110/220 volt power outlet.
This heat mat is designed to increase rooting area by appr. 10-20 degrees.
Set plant trays, pots or containers on heat mat.
For warmer root zone temperatures place heat mat on insulated surface instead of cold floor.

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Seed Starter Heat Mat