Smartphone Microscope 60x-100x Zoom Quality LED


Smartphone Microscope 60x-100x Zoom LED

This is the all-new Universal Clip-on LED Cellphone Microscope, designed to clip onto Smartphones. The zoom function offers 60x-100x zoom capability, paired with a high brightness LED light bulb. super-zoom your trichomes now!

  • Used for trichomes, coins, medicine, circuit boards, Jewellery etc…
  • 60x-100x Zoom Function.
  • LED Light Bulb.
  • Smartphone clip function microscope.
  • Includes small bag.
  • Includes Manual.

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Smartphone Microscope 60x-100x Zoom LED

Looking for a Smartphone Microscope with a zoom capability of 60x-100x? Look no further! Introducing the new Smartphone Microscope that can clip straight into your smartphone and give you that optimal zoom with clarity.

How do I use this smartphone AKA clip-on cell phone microscope? 

Simply clip the soft rubber piece onto your cellphone camera lens. Switch on the LED light and zoom in with your cellphone or the device.



Stop guessing and trust in science with the all-new smartphone Microscope:

Simply clip onto your smartphone, switch on the LED Light and adjust the zoom setting according to your requirements. You can now check if its harvest time with precision and accuracy.  The Legal Grow Bros use this exact model to view trichomes for themselves and customers who grow their own!.

What are trichomes? 

The cannabis plant produces resinous hair-like structures that protrude from the flower of the bud. Trichomes contain THC/CBD and many other cannabinoids as well as terpenes and flavonoids which house the effects of cannabis. When activated, they produce a euphoric “high” if it is THC dominant marijuana.


When to harvest cannabis based on trichomes? 

Still the most accurate method to date. ALWAYS check your trichomes.

The best time to harvest would be strain dependant.

Sativa dominant strains: We aim for around 20% of amber trichomes with the rest being milky. We find that pure milky trichomes with no amber around result in some anxiety if you are prone to it.

Indica Dominant strains: We aim for 10-20% amber trichomes with the rest being milky. Sometimes we harvest at full milky with a little amber. We find that too much amber trichome ratio in Indica can result in more of a “Body high” and less of a euphoric “head” high. Sometimes if harvested too late (outside of the golden window) can result in a pure body high which is great for chronic pain and sleep according to doctors abroad.

We do not condone the illegal use of cannabis in any shape or form. Legal Grow is LEGAL Grow. Keep things for your personal use. 

Legal Grow Bro Recommendations:  

  • For Trichomes, we recommend using the 80x range.
  • Always switch on the LED light on the device.
  • Take pictures so you can inspect still images.
  • Please don’t harvest when trichome heads are still mostly “clear”

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