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Trim Bag

Trim Bag Features:

  • No need to stress about airborne particles infiltrating your bag, because these are made from durable close-knit fabric along with heavy-duty-tight zips.
  • Incredibly lightweight and collapsible, weighing only 1.6kg. This makes it easy to work with, no matter your strength!
  • Blade-free helps give you a gentle trim that won’t damage flower.
  • No need for replacement parts.
  • An affordable way to drastically increase harvest efficiency. No more time-wasting with hand trimming.
  • flexible end caps for precision filling of flower.
  • This Trim Bag is a Collapsible Hand-Held Dry Trimmer, which can hold up to 1 kilogram of material when used as directed (1/3 full)
  • This Trim Bag includes a sifting screen to easily separate the trim from your flower.
  • Dual chambers keep everything separated and clean from one another.

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Trim Bag

How this Trim Bag works: This Trim Bag works by friction and has no mechanical parts, the product has its leaf removed while rotating around the fabric drum. The induced friction breaks off the dry leaf material after every rotation (as a rule of thumb 15-20 rotations are needed to de-leaf, dense material), you will be left with two piles of material after your product has gone through the internal screen, one being your sugar leaves, the other being your de-leafed pretty flower. Even though induced friction removes sugar leaves,  it still keeps the majority of the essential oils intact, preserving terps, flavonoids, and potency while cutting down your workload immensely (to say the least)

Cleaning this product is very simple and easy, all it needs is a quick wipe down with a damp cloth after each use.

How to use this Trim Bag: This product only works with dry flower and relies on friction to break away the sugar leaf matter.

  1. Place your dried material inside the main, larger compartment and zip it up.
  2. Rotate the Trim Bag clockwise and counter-clockwise in quick succession, rotating an average of 15 to 20 times in total.
  3. Once your rotations are done place the bag down and give it one final shake (this shake helps guide the sugar matter through the in-built screen and into the smaller, collection compartment below).
  4. Unzip the smaller compartment into a tray and store for your extractions for that bubbe (Click here to see Bubble Bags), re-zip up the smaller compartment and then unzip the larger compartment and pour your trimmed, finished product into a tray or bucket ready for curing.

To keep the Trim bag clean, after each trimming session wipe with a damp cloth.